Video Game Streaming, Will Streamers like s1mple replace Traditional Sports?

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Are video games going to end up replacing the Television? This is the question of the 21st century, with massive groups of esports gamers taking foot. We ask ourselves is it possible traditional acting and TV sports become a thing of the past.  How can you stand out against an enormous pool of talented esports gamers? By showing unparalleled skills, of course. The Counter-Strike Global Offensive competitive arena has never been more successful and popular than it is today. Such prominence gives room for recognition, and that recognition has made CS: GO a legitimate career option for millions of players.

In reality, there’s never been a pool of talent as great as there is today, and still, there’s one person out there that epitomizes what greatness is. Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev ranks among the strongest in the business in terms of tactical shooting. Curious? Here’s how he reached the heights of CS: GO.

Raised in Ukraine, S1mple was just four years old when he became a gaming star. As the younger half of the two siblings, s1mple had to satisfy himself with what his brother had permitted him to do in the game. The Kostye family only had one computer at home, so s1mple had to go for the mouse while his elder brother seized control of the keyboard while playing CS: GO. In retrospect, we can confidently assume that this is when his targeting capabilities started to take form.

In 2013, s1mple took his first move in professional gaming when he made his semi-pro debut with a local squad named Lan Dodgers. At the beginning of 2014, he entered Courage Gaming, which offered him a venue to expose his abilities to a larger audience in Europe.

Later that same year, he would take another major step in his professional career by signing for HellRaisers, a Ukrainian CS team with reputable players like Markeloff and Dosia. HellRaisers, with the aid of their latest addition s1mple, sent firestorms to the internet when they suddenly defeated the strongest CS: GO squad in the world, Fnatic, in the DreamHack Winter 2014 group round.

On a professional note, s1mple certainly made a reputation for himself in esports. In fact, he has already solidified his spot in the history of CS: GO, and he’s still far from over. Quite easily listed among the mythical players of all time in the series, he might have been the biggest CS: GO player ever. Had it not been for his failure to get along with his colleagues earlier in his career, s1mple would certainly have had several more trophies in his pocket. And with s1mple finally settling into a team, fans can expect him to win several more big events in the years to come.


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